The Best Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try

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Having sex in different positions is one of the best ways via which couples can enhance their sex lives. Even during casual encounters with cheap escorts, it’s advisable that you bring up the topic to make the experience more fun and fulfilling. A better sex life will not only make you happy. It will also enhance your health and overall wellbeing. Trying out different sex positions will enable you to achieve this effortlessly.

Of course there are several sex positions that couples can assume during an intercourse. Here are some of the most adored positions to try out to ensure a unique experience.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Inspired by the missionary position, CAT position is proven effective in when it comes to enhancing stimulation of the clitoris. This makes a woman reach orgasm quite easily and faster. To perform this technique, begin with the missionary position then, move your body over to one side. Instead of rocking your woman up and down, do it moving forward and backward while maintaining direct contact with the clitoris.

Twist and Shout

Although it involves slow body movements, the twist and shout position enables the penis to deeply penetrate the vagina. It also encourages intimacy since the man sees the woman’s body and maintains better eye contact. To do the twist and shout position, lie backwards with one leg bended and another stretched out. Let the woman straddle one of the stretched or bent legs, allowing her to move upwards and downwards on the penis.

Backdoor Oral

Compared to most positions for oral sex, the backdoor oral offers a different kind of thrill that you will truly love. As the name suggests, the man comes from behind, hitting directly and deep into the anus. To perform this position, let your woman lay on her stomach, then put a pillow under the hip region, lifting the butt a bit higher. This will enable you to access her vulva with ease while giving your hands the freedom to explore other areas like the vagina for incredible stimulation.

The Ottoman Empire

One of the unique benefits of this sex position is its versatility. It allows you to throb into her while giving her control over how fast and deep you can go. It also ensures that the hands of both partners are free so that they can touch each other’s bodies or even integrate toys during the act. Lie on your back in ottoman position and let the woman straddle you so that she can easily move up and down. Your woman can also kneel between your legs and serve oral sex.

Other amazing sex positions that couples should try include cradled cowgirl, the maypole, the chair, the gallery, double Decker, and the twisted spoon.

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